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Unscented Whipped Body Souffle

Unscented Whipped Body Souffle

Rach Royalty
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We don’t ❌use lotions anymore.........so Switch To Soufflé & switch the right way with Rach Royalty !!

Whipped Body Soufflé (Body Butter) = Boujee Lotion 🤩🥂



Why you need this!

      • Keeps skin moisturized ALL DAY

Lock moisture into your skin for HOURS with our body oil. It will penetrate your skin's protective barrier and help to maintain that radiant glow throughout the day. Yayy!!


                  WITHOUT Soufflé             ||                WITH Soufflé

      • DENSELY packed with nutrients

Did you know that lotions can contain up to 70% water??? That's why your skin dries out so easily! It sucks moisturising in the morning and as you leave your house your skin is drier than the Sahara 🤯

You don't have time for that. Invest in ALL day moisture right now!


      • Forms protective layer around skin
      • Reduces Wrinkles
      • Soothes skin rashes, sunburn & eczema
      • Contains vitamin C, E & A which are beneficial antioxidants
      • Can last up to a MONTH or more 🤩- worth the buy!


Usage: Massage a liberal amount into damp skin and experience the GLOW. A little goes a far way because it is densely packed with lots of nutrients! When incorporated in your usual skin care routine anticipate smoother, healthier skin. Activate your GLOW with your Whipped Body Soufflé


Royalty Tips: 

a) Apply a liberal amount to your body after applying Rach Royalty's Body Oil post showering. Used in combination, our Body Oil and Body Butter ensures that you don't have dry, ashy skin. 

b) Body butters are made solely with butters/oils. Butters/Oils are sealants whereas water is the ultimate source of moisture. Apply a liberal amount to damp skin for optimum moisture retention and penetration of the Soufflé into your skin. Seal in that moisture with our Body Butter honey 🍯!!



Size: 4 ounces / 118 ml       &      2 ounces / 59 ml

Ingredients: Raw Mango Butter, Organic Sweet Almond Oil & Arrowroot Powder.


*P.S: ALL our ingredients are natural, cruelty free, paraben free and sulfate free ❤️

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease 😊.