Don’t lick your lips, apply lipgloss instead

Don’t lick your lips, apply lipgloss instead

❌ Don’t lick your lips
✅ Apply lipgloss instead

For starters .. Rach Royalty’s lipglosses are all vegan, cruelty free & gluten-free. Our unique formulation is water repellant and doesn’t discolour with age.

As for why you shouldn’t lick your lips? Read on

Your saliva is composed of digestive enzymes, such as amylase & maltose, which wear down the skin on the lips over time. This causes the lips to be more vulnerable to dry air.

Lick lips -> saliva adds 'moisture' ->saliva evaporates..and lips are now drier than before!

See.. The occasional licking of the lips doesn't seem to pose a problem, however, consistent licking of the lips may lead to chapping, flaking and peeling.

Environmental factors (wind, sun) and medical conditions (nerve damage, autoimmune disorders) may cause dry lips.

Here’s what you should do:
✅ Drink water (lots of it) to avoid having dry skin and lips

✅ Apply a moisturizing lipgloss daily

If licking your lips is a nervous habit try identifying and avoiding your stress triggers, chewing gum or speaking with a therapist.

It's important to wear lipgloss because just like our skin, our lips need moisture.

✅ It’s moisturizing - I mean.. who want's dry, chapped lips?

✅ Gives your lips volume

✅ Water repellant - which means it’ll last throughout the day 🥰

Apply lipgloss daily (whether you’re at home or on the go)
❌ Don’t lick your lips

✅ Exfoliate regularly for supple lips

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