How to read your skincare labels - Rach Royalty

How to read your skincare labels - Rach Royalty

You’re in the store, whether physical or online, and a particular product catches your attention.. You see the label, size and the ingredients - but what should you be looking for on your skincare label?

Hey selfcare besties! 

Thanks for tuning in to another edition of Rach Royalty Weekly and this week we’ll be giving you the scoop on how to read your skincare labels! Let’s go!

In this blog, we’ll be using our Face Soufflé label as a guide!





  • Product Overview 
      1. What’s usually most obvious on a skincare label is the product name. In this case it is “Face Soufflé” and above the product name we include the scent - which in this case is “Unscented” since it is fragrance free.
      2. On the front of the skincare label there will typically be the product name, the scent (if any), where it was made/manufactured and the net weight/size.


  • Ingredients are listed from highest to lowest concentration
      1. After you’ve said, “hmm this product looks interesting, tell me more! You’ll skip to the back of the product. On the back of the label is where most of the detailed information is! 
      2. The first ingredient is the one with the highest concentration. On our Face Soufflé label the first ingredient is water! (If you’ve read our first blog post of 2022 you’ll know that this is distilled water 😉: click to read here: )
        1. This means that this product is water based. At this juncture you may assess if a water based product (usually light-weight so it won’t feel too heavy/oily on your skin) is what’s best for your skin’s needs or if you’d like an oil based product. 
      3. The other ingredients listed will usually be the scientific name of the ingredients but some labels may simplify this:
        1. Eg. On our Face Soufflé label, the last listed ingredient is Vitamin E. Vitamin E moisturizes and hydrates your skin. The scientific name for naturally sourced vitamin E is RRR-alpha-tocopherol. 
        2. Sooo, If you see ‘tocopherol’ in your ingredient list this is most likely Vitamin E.

  • Symbols 
    1. Closed Jar Symbol - indicates expiry date (how long the product is good for). 
    2. Open Jar Symbol - indicates how long the product is good for once open 
      1. The “M” stands for months and this should be used as a guide for when to replace your products. Using skincare products past the expiration date may cause irritation (dermatitis), rashes and other adverse skin reactions.
    3. Bunny - product is cruelty free 
      1. This is usually gentler and more suitable for persons with chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and may be more suitable for children and babies. 

    We’ve included a cheat sheet of common symbols on skincare products to help you make informed decisions when choosing your skin and other self care products. You may view it by clicking this link:

    Thanks for tuning in to this week’s edition of Rach Royalty Weekly. We’ll be here, same time (4PM) , same place (on this blog), next week Wednesday! 


    Until next time, keep #GlowingLikeRoyalty 🥂 

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