Manual Exfoliation 101 - Rach Royalty

Manual Exfoliation 101 - Rach Royalty


Your guide to understanding what our Body Scrubs do 🥰 📖


What is it?

Manual exfoliation involves using a formula that consists of tiny grains to manually scrub your skin clear of debris.

Massaging our “A Peach of My Heart” body scrub into your skin also stimulates blood circulation which contributes to glowing skin! 


Exfoliation Mistakes

Scrubbing harder = better results [FALSEEE]

There is NO need to apply excess pressure. The grains work simply by being massaged gently into your skin



Stimulates circulation - contributes to vibrant, glowing skin

Will not interact with other active ingredients in your skin care routine #NOskincareProblems

Smoother skin - immediate results after one use.


Manual vs chemical exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation involves the use of gentle acids in low percentages to remove dead skin cells.

Mixing chemical exfoliators (retinol etc.) with a manual exfoliator may lead to redness, itchiness and/or flaking

Common chemical exfoliators will have AHAs or BHAs (Alpha/Beta Hyrdoxy Acids)

You can use both if you use a staggered approach. i.e not using a manual exfoliator the day after using a chemical exfoliator.


Okay, so why should I be exfoliating?

Remove dead skin cells and increase cell turnover.

Cell turnover = keeping fresh, healthy cells at the skin's surface = radiant glowing skin

Unclog pores

Even skin tone and texture

Struggle with acne, hyperpigmentation and dark spots? Exfoliating regularly smoothes the texture of the skin which makes the skin appear more uniform AND

Exfoliating regularly allows your skincare products to penetrate the skin.

Clogged pores = your skincare products not effectively penetrating the skin = them not working effectively... :(


Our recommendations

Exfoliate 1-2 times weekly

Don't over exfoliate


Massage our body scrub into your skin gently

Don't scrub your skin harshly


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