Why you should wear sunscreen - Rach Royalty

Why you should wear sunscreen - Rach Royalty

Is wearing sunscreen just a thing for the beach? Or should you be wearing it on the daily 👀👀👀

Hey Selfcare besties!

Thanks for tuning in to another blog from Rach Royalty Weekly. Today we’ll be exploring the practical and scientific reasons behind wearing sunscreen.

What is sunscreen?

  • Our good sis dictionary.com defines sunscreen as: “a substance formulated to prevent sunburn, skin cancers, and other conditions caused by excessive exposure to the sun, usually by absorbing and reflecting ultraviolet radiation.”

Do I need sunscreen?

  • The answer is a resounding YES! Sunscreen offers protection from UV rays and anyone, regardless of age, race or gender, can get skin cancer  (cough, cough - GLOBAL WARMING)

What sunscreen should I use?

  • The American Academy of Dermatology recommends a sunscreen that: 
    • has Broad Spectrum Protection 
    • is SPF 30 or higher 
    • is Water resistant

What is SPF?

  • SPF stands for sun protection factor.
  • It shows a relationship between how much ultraviolet radiation is required to get sunburn in the presence of sunscreen relative to how much is required to get sunburn without sunscreen.
  • Essentially, higher SPFs = higher sunburn protection

Is sunscreen just for protection from UV rays?

  • Nope!
    • Regular, DAILY use of sunscreen also helps protect early skin aging! 

    It is also imperative to note that you should wear sunscreen on cloudy days too! The sun emits UV rays all year round! 

    But.. how much sunscreen should you be using?

    • After applying our Face Soufflé to moisturize your face, a good rule of thumb is 0.4 ounces (enough to fill the bottom of a shot glass). 
    • Afterwards, apply about ¾ of a shot glass to the rest of your body. 

    To recap:

    • Everyone and their aunties, uncles, nieces and nephews should be wearing sunscreen DAILY
    • Your sunscreen should have an SPF of at least 30, be water resistant and offer broad spectrum protection. 
    • Consistent daily use of sunscreen offers protection from harmful UV rays that can cause sunburn and skin cancer and also helps protect against early skin aging. 

    You think we’re done?? 👀🤣

    There is sooo much more to this topic than we can fit into our weekly blog post so stay tuned for part 2.. And 3? Maybe even 4 because we’re not done informing you yet!

    Thanks for tuning in to this week’s edition of Rach Royalty Weekly! If you learned something let us know in the comments below! See you next week at 4PM and remember, It’s ALWAYS time to #GlowLikeRoyalty 🥰🥂


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