Luxury & Self Care - Defining Selfcare: E6 - Rach Royalty

Luxury & Self Care - Defining Selfcare: E6 - Rach Royalty

Okay first things first: Self-Care is a necessity not a luxury. We can't pour from an empty cup! However, the things we do to practice self-care don't have to be basic. If you have the money.. why not invest in yourself? 👀 

In our last episode we delved into Self-Care on A Budget and today we have some tips for you to indulge in luxury self-care. 

Disclaimer: This episode is for the members of our self-care community that have money to spare. We are not encouraging careless spending (so if you were looking for an excuse to rack up your credit card bill this is not it!). However, if you are not in the position to spend a bag on your luxury self-care ✨right now ✨ that's okay. Use this as motivation/ inspiration. You can get here one day! 

In this episode of our "Defining Self-Care" series we'll be sharing 4 at-home luxury self-care tips/ideas and 7 general luxury self-care tips/ideas. Let's go!


4 At-home Luxury Self-care Tips/Ideas

1. Invest in quality candles and scents 

Your home should smell goooodddd! Candle vessels also add to your decor. Here are images of our 8 and 12 ounce candle vessels. Wouldn't these look nice in your home?


Invest in quality scents for your space. 

Invest in quality perfumes for yourself.

Invest in linen sprays for your sheets and pillows. 


2. Invest in quality home attire

You buy clothes for work, casual attire, beach wear and for other occasions. Invest in some nice outfits to wear in the home. Day fits, loungewear, night wear, robes - you name it! Adorn your skin with fine linen and embrace your status as royalty!

3. Invest in your home 

When your home is clean and looks good you feel good. Investing in your home may look like hiring a housekeeper to clean on a schedule that works best for you (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc). It may also be hiring someone to revamp the interior design of your home. You deserve to feel proud of the space you're in and your home should be your safe space so design it how you choose!

4. Buy quality, nutritious foods & wine 

Purchase the expensive bottle of wine and PULL IT. Why do we have bottles on the shelves SOLELY as decor? I get the wine rack vibe but hello - we're not hoarding wine! Open it and sip! Light a candle, put on your comfortable loungewear, turn on the music and sip on some wine. It's 2022 and we're romanticising our lives! Repeat after me: We are filling our days with pockets of luxury. 


7 General Luxury Self-care Tips/Ideas

1. Physical Pamper Day

For the Gents - Monthly facials, manicures, pedicures, barber visits and other grooming activities.

For the ladies - Monthly facials, manicures, pedicures, hairdresser, lash and wax appointments and other grooming activities.

Now, that list seems simple but you're looking at a pretty penny to maintain this standing physical pamper day each month! This day can easily cost upwards of $500 USD / $75,000.00 JMD per month (especially for the ladies if you're buying/installing bundles etc). 

2. Standing Vacations

Name a better way to tell yourself 'I Love You' than a vacation! Book that flight and hotel and experience the luxuries of this world. You deserve it.

3. Standing Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Dates

We can all agree that food is a love language! Indulge in fine-dining and make standing food dates with yourself, your friends, family and partner.

4. Invest in your future self-care needs

We've heard of emergency funds and the whole shabang - but why not have a vacation/self-care fund? Life is unpredictable and while our emergency fund can cover our essential needs, our vacation/self-care fund can cover our luxury self-care needs. Life is fickle, one minute we're up and the next we're down. Invest accordingly so you can handle anything life throws your way. Having a vacation fund allows you the opportunity to take a well needed break from the regular happenings of the world without tapping into your main finances. Think about it. 


5. Retail Therapy 

Luxury self-care isn't typically of a 'DIY' nature. You want to buy products that are high quality and are effective. Improve your wardrobe, get the expensive perfume. Treat yourself like royalty!


6. FUN-d your inner child 

What is something you love to do? Spend your money on things that make you happy (once it is legal and doesn't negatively impact others 😅**). Visit an amusement park, enjoy the rides, let your inner child be free to explore the many exciting things this world has to offer. Make a list of things you'd LOVE to do and get cracking at it!


7. Invest in others 

What's the point of having all the money in the world if you can't share it with others? Give and it will come back to you. That's a biblical principle. There's no need to hoard, money flows and whatever you sow into someone else's life will come back to you. 

"Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.” Luke 6:38 NLT.



It's high time for us to fill our days with pockets of luxury. Look no further than Rach (Ray*ch) Royalty for your quality self-care products and feel free to join our self-care community! (Join our email List, Self-Care WhatsApp Group Chat / follow us on socials)

We hope you found this article helpful! Comment your luxury self-care tips/ideas below and share how you fill your days with pockets of luxury and stay tuned to our blog for more self-care content. 


If you found this blog post helpful download your free copy of our "Defining Self-Care E-book" for the full Defining Self-Care Series. 


Until next time, keep Glowing Like Royalty 🥂

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