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  • Luxury & Self Care - Defining Selfcare: E6 - Rach Royalty

    Okay first things first: Self-Care is a necessity not a luxury. We can't pour from an empty cup! However, the things we do to practice self-care don't have to be basic. If you have the money.. why not invest in yourself? 👀 

    In our last episode we delved into Self-Care on A Budget and today we have some tips for you to indulge in luxury self-care. 

    In this episode of our "Defining Self-Care" series we'll be sharing 4 at-home luxury self-care tips and 7 general luxury self-care tips. Let's go!

  • Self Care on A Budget: Defining Selfcare - E5 - Rach Royalty

    Welcome to your self care safe space bestie! In this episode of Defining Self Care we will be discussing Self Care on A Budget!

    Let’s face it, we’re all at different stages of our self care journey and sometimes... we have to practice self care on a budget! At the heart of self care is, quite literally, taking care of yourself! In this episode of Defining Self Care we are equipping you with the tips and tools to maximize your self care experience (because having a self care routine is NECESSARY: $$ or not!) on a budget.

    Here are 3 tips for practicing self care on a budget and 10 budget friendly self care ideas!


    1. Mind your OWN business.

  • Defining Selfcare: Self Care Round-Up - Rach Royalty

    Hey Self Care bestie!

    Another week, another blog! This one will be short and spicy 🥵

    Today we're giving you a Self-Care round-up of our content and including links to informative content that will help you on your self care journey!

  • Birthday Selfcare - Rach Royalty | Defining Selfcare: S1 - E3

    Back again self care besties!

    As I'm sure you alllll know, we celebrated our 3rd business birthday on March 30th! 🥳 We had an amazing day and to celebrate we hosted a giveaway and engaged with our community through an Instagram Live. 

    Being intentional about celebrating our birthday got me thinking.. how do YOU celebrate your birthday? What is YOUR birthday self care routine?

  • Defining Selfcare - E2 - Rach Royalty

    We mentioned a few tips in our previous post, and this week we’ll dive in a bit deeper. 

    We know what self care is and we are responsible for doing something about it! Evaluate where you are and decide where and WHO you want to be. Be honest with yourself 

    We’ve created a simple, EASY to follow, 7-step strategy to help you with your self care journey. Let’s dive in!

    Step 1:

  • Cetearyl Alcohol - What's in my skincare products? - Rach Royalty

    If you’re anything like us you check the ingredients of your skincare products before purchasing. But.. What do you do when you see an ingredient listed and you have no clue what it is? In this series “What’s in my skincare products?” we’ll help you with that. 

    Hey selfcare besties! 

    Thanks for tuning in to another edition of Rach Royalty Weekly. Last week we gave you a basic overview of how to read your skincare product labels and today we’re giving you the scoop on the ingredient Cetearyl Alcohol! Let’s go!

  • How to read your skincare labels - Rach Royalty

    You’re in the store, whether physical or online, and a particular product catches your attention.. You see the label, size and the ingredients - but what should you be looking for on your skincare label?

  • Defining Selfcare - E1 - Rach Royalty

    • Self care is a lifelong journey of holistic wellness” - Rach Royalty, 2022.

    For us, self care is more than what meets the eye. It is so much more than Glowing Skin - (even though that is a pretty great plus!). Selfcare encompasses your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social (every ‘al” 🤣😅), financial, occupational and intellectual wellness. 

  • Why you should wear sunscreen - Rach Royalty

    Is wearing sunscreen just a thing for the beach? Or should you be wearing it on the daily 👀👀👀

    Hey Selfcare besties!

    Thanks for tuning in to another blog from Rach Royalty Weekly. Today we’ll be exploring the practical and scientific reasons behind wearing sunscreen.

    What is sunscreen?

  • Distilled Water - What's in my skincare products?? - Rach Royalty

    Soo.. we've seen water listed as an ingredient in our skincare products, is that all to it? Nope! What is the water in our products? Tap water? Spring water? Boiled water???? I can tell you what it usually is (and what it should always be..) Distilled water!
  • Don’t lick your lips, apply lipgloss instead

    ❌ Don’t lick your lips ✅ Apply lipgloss instead For starters .. Rach Royalty’s lipglosses are all vegan, cruelty free & gluten-free. Our uniqu...
  • Manual Exfoliation 101 - Rach Royalty

    We’ve heard of exfoliation.. but what is it? Manual exfoliation involves using a formula that consists of tiny grains to manually scrub your skin clear of debris..