About us

Rach Royalty provides quality self care products for all people of all ages. Our current offerings include Body butters (Whipped Body Soufflé), Body oils, Face moisturisers (Face Soufflé), Body scrubs as well as vegan lipglosses. We are currently working on expanding our line of items to include hair shampoos, conditioners, hair gels and other self care products.

The foundation of our business is Jesus Christ and we will continue to uphold our Christian values in how we do business and interact with our audience.

Our luxury products are formulated with natural ingredients and are loved by our customer base. This proved evident in our achievement of being awarded the prize of The Best Body Butter, Body Oil & Lipgloss at the HHBE Awards in December of 2019!!

Our tag line is, “Glow Like Royalty” as we aim to produce high quality luxury products to our consumers, enabling them to look and feel like their best selves.




Rach Royalty’s Mission Statement 

To provide unique, high quality and effective products, using sustainable eco-friendly practices whilst building a creative and diverse global team and positively impacting our communities.




Rach Royalty’s Vision Statement 

Rach Royalty (Noun) 

[Ray-ch Roy-al-tee]


  1. The premier luxury self care brand that continuously infuses its community and the wider society with high quality, effective, natural products, transformative information and a distinctive, unparalleled customer experience all whilst representing Jesus Christ. It upholds eco-friendly, sustainable business practices and contributes positively to the development of its stakeholders and the wider society.

           “Rach Royalty’s products are spectacularly phenomenal and the customer experience was out of this world!”