Defining Selfcare - E1 - Rach Royalty

Defining Selfcare - E1 - Rach Royalty

  • Self care is a lifelong journey of holistic wellness” - Rach Royalty, 2022.

For us, self care is more than what meets the eye. It is so much more than Glowing Skin - (even though that is a pretty great plus!). Selfcare encompasses your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social (every ‘al” 🤣😅), financial, occupational and intellectual wellness. 

Selfcare is multi-dimensional.

It’s inadequate to practice surface self care. Our future selves are depending on us to mature and our current selves need us to take the best care of ourselves now.

How can I practice self care?

  • Practising self care means you’ve committed to your holistic wellness, i.e your optimum state of wellness. This does not happen overnight and requires your intentional efforts.
  • We’ll discuss the best self care practises further in our subsequent posts but for now, you can:

  1. Show up for yourself everyday - you are your biggest advocate
  2. Be kind to yourself, others and the environment
  3. Create systems that will allow you to thrive, not just survive
  4. Commit to being a lifelong student - you do not know everything (and that’s fine)
  5. Practise proper hygiene - take a shower, brush your teeth, floss, use mouthwash and wear clean clothes.
  6. Take care of your health - take the time throughout your day to unplug from social media and hear your own thoughts, pamper yourself with nice perfumes, exfoliate 2x weekly, moisturize your skin and wear sunscreen daily, have a balanced diet (the right portion of all food groups as required for your fitness level/lifestyle)
  7. Remember your mortality - you can only do so much in your own strength. Develop a relationship with Jesus Christ
  8. Be present - enjoy the days that you have. It is a privilege to be alive - Live!
  9. Hold yourself accountable - you will have to live with your decisions, good or bad. 
  10.  As best as possible, fill your days with the things and people you love.

If you’re committed to a lifelong journey of holistic wellness you’re in the right place. You’re more than welcome to join our community of like minded individuals and stick around as we continue to delve into the expansive topic of self care.

Lastly, ask yourself -  what does self care mean to me?

What’s your answer? 

Share it with us in the comments below!

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s edition of Rach Royalty Weekly. We’ll be here, same time (4PM) , same place (on this blog), next week Wednesday! 

Until next time, keep #GlowingLikeRoyalty 🥂

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