Distilled Water - What's in my skincare products?? - Rach Royalty

Distilled Water - What's in my skincare products?? - Rach Royalty


Soo.. we've seen water listed as an ingredient in our skincare products, is that all to it? Nope!

What is the water in our products? Tap water? Spring water? Boiled water???? 

I can tell you what it usually is (and what it should always be..) Distilled water!


What is Distilled water?

  • The steam from boiling water that is cooled and then returned to its liquid state.
  • Boiling water removes bacteria from the water thus it follows that the steam from that is pure also as it does not contain any of the sediments at the bottom of whatever the water was boiled in. 
  • Distilled water is just hydrogen and oxygen. It does not contain any minerals.


Why Distilled water?

  • It removes 99.9% of the minerals dissolved in water!


Why is that important?

Because BACTERIA. Okay, so here’s the tea. When formulating skincare products it’s important to work with sterilized tools and other equipment in an effort to ensure that your formulation is as stable as possible. 

Think about it. Raw materials are made, formulated, then it sits on a shelf until a customer purchases it. Ensuring that your product remains free from bacterial and other microbial growth is important. 

How would you feel if you opened your skincare product and saw mold growing in it? 🤢🤮 Yeah.. HARD PASS!

Consequently, using water that has 99.9% of the minerals removed makes for a more shelf stable product! Aanddd, now everybody’s happy! 

So, next time you see water in your skincare product ingredient list, you’ll know it is distilled water and have a general overview of how that distilled water was made 😎


Do any of our products contain distilled water?

  • Yes! Our Unscented & Pink Lemonade Face Soufflé. You can check them out by going to the product section of our website! 


If you’d like us to explore this topic in more depth let us know in the comments! 

Thanks for tuning in to Rach Royalty Weekly! Meet us here at 4:00 pm next week Wednesday as we continue to delve into the expansive topic of Selfcare!






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