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Defining Self-Care E-book

Defining Self-Care E-book

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We prepared a comprehensive e-book that will provide you with the basic foundation you need for a thriving self-care routine.

In our "Defining Self-Care" e-book we delve into: 

1. What is Self-Care?

2. Facing the facts - Questions you should answer to develop your self-care routine

3. Birthday Self-Care 

4. Skincare is ALSO self-care
5. Self-Care on a Budget

6. Luxury & Self-Care

7. Self-Care and Community

8. Self-Care and your Spiritual Journey 

9. Refining Your Self-Care Routine 

10. Living your unique Self-Care Journey

Access these chapters and more self-care content in our e-book by heading to checkout. It's free!



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