Defining Selfcare: Self Care Round-Up - Rach Royalty

Defining Selfcare: Self Care Round-Up - Rach Royalty


Hey Self Care bestie!

Another week, another blog! This one will be short and spicy 🥵

Today we're giving you a Self-Care round-up of our content and including links to informative content that will help you on your self care journey!


So far this year we've shared information with you in the following blogs:

1. What's in my skincare products

2. Why you should wear sunscreen

3. Defining Selfcare: Season 1-Episode 1

4. How to read your skincare labels 

5. Cetearyl Alcohol - What's in my skincare products? 

6. Defining Selfcare: Season 1-Episode 2

7. Birthday Selfcare: Defining Selfcare: Season 1-Episode 3

aaannddd.. this blog you're reading right now!

8. Self Care Round-Up - Defining Selfcare: Season 1-Episode 4


We will be delving into more self care content as our "Defining Self Care" series isn't done yet! 


Here are some YouTube videos that we think you'll enjoy!

1. Night Time Routine ft Rach Royalty products

2. Brand Ambassador Reviews Rach Royalty products!!


That's all besties!

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Thanks for spending some time with us! Stay tuned for our next blog. 

Until next time: Keep Glowing Like Royalty 🥂





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